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Discover the latest features in our Mac, web and iOS apps.

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  1. Collections

    Introducing a new level of organization for your Workspace. With Collections, you can group documents inside of Projects. Just like Projects, Collections are workflow-agnostic — so you can organize documents using whatever groupings suit you and your collaborators best. Collections are available right now in the latest version of the Mac, iOS and web apps.

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  2. View & Mirror — now on iPad

    View & Mirror — now on iPad

    View & Mirror — now on iPad

    Sketch View & Mirror (our iOS companion app) now supports viewing local documents (from Files or third-party apps), offline mode and Apple’s Handoff feature. Better still, it’s now available for iPad, where you can browse your designs in a beautiful full Canvas view and see all the details — whether they’re on an Artboard or not.

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  3. Selection improvements

    We’ve spent some time improving all the little interactions that might bug you or feel inconsistent when it comes to selection and dragging in the Mac app. Overall, it should feel easier and more predictable to select layers by clicking on their visible parts, or move layers by dragging within their selection box. Check out the video above for a walkthrough of these changes.

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  4. Multi-layer renaming

    You can now select multiple layers and use Edit > Rename (R) to rename your entire selection, with support for modifier tokens and optional matching of portions of the layers’ names. You can also use Edit > Rename All (R) to rename all the layers on your current page, with the option to filter for specific layers to rename. Finally, you can quickly rename another selection of layers using the last renaming pattern you used via Edit > Rename with Last Format (R).

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  6. New save dialog

    We’ve completely redesigned the Save dialog, giving you more context about your Workspace, easier organization, and full support for the new Collections feature. This is now the default way to save in Sketch. You can still save locally to your Mac via the “Save to Your Mac” button in the Save dialog, or via File > Save to Your Mac. You can also change the default save and open location under the General tab in Sketch’s Settings.

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  7. Experimental features menu

    We’ve added a new Labs tab to Sketch’s settings, where you can enable experimental features. These features may not be 100% complete, but they’re ready for you to try and share your feedback on to help us shape them. We’re kicking things off with a big one — Smart Layout in groups. Enable it today to try Smart Layout outside of Symbols and let us know what you think.

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  8. Resolve Comments

    Conversation complete? Discussion done? Details debated? You can now mark comments (and their replies) as resolved in the web and Mac apps. Resolved comments disappear from view, but you can always bring them back (and reopen them) via the View menu in the Mac app or the drop-down menu in the web app’s sidebar.

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  9. Version 96 is available to download

    Our latest update to the Mac app includes support for resolving comments, a new experimental features menu, and a whole host of small-but-mighty improvements to your workflows.

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  10. Commenting in the Mac app

    Say hello to commenting on the Mac! Share your feedback and thoughts right in the context of your designs while you‘re designing. Now, no matter where you comment or reply, your conversations will always stay in sync.

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